pH Madness

pH Madness
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“pH MADNESS” unravels the escalating chief component behind the misapplication of the alkaline fluid commonly called “alkaline water.” Its misguided use threatens to mutate mankind to a point that if not corrected, could wipe him from the face of the Earth. “pH Madness” presents the facts of exactly the way the body runs from the cell forward. What Mr. Bezanis has presented in “pH Madness” is the lofty subject of chemistry in such a way that it can be understood by third graders. With his writing of “ph MADNESS,” Roger Bezanis has captured the minds and hearts of the planet.

This tome sets the record straight regarding what acids and alkalis are down to the cellular matrix. It chronicles life and death as measured on the pH scale. The mighty mini-book, “pH MADNESS” has now cost the alkaline water industry upwards of 100 million dollars in lost sales and returned home units. The mega companies that produce their acid / alkaline confusions want this book to go away. With the release of “pH MADNESS,” a grass roots revolution has started reshaping the water industry and all of medicine. Readers find “pH MADNESS” an affordable yet jaw dropping read of 96 power packed pages. An understanding of “pH MADNESS” if applied, can reshape the body even to the point of aiding recovery of degenerative illness.

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