Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing

Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing
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In 2005, Roger Bezanis’ grabbed the public’s attention as he reinvented face reading with his first edition. Since then it has garnered legions of followers and achieved the #1 status as the leading book in the world on face reading. Second editions of the book have fetched as much as $5800.00 used. The book is for the general public and healthcare professional alike. If one wants a full history of medicine, mankind and the use of food as a tool that has mutated him, then “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing” (DFRHH) is the book to read.

The fifth edition is 576 pages and an amazing read with applications such as face reading, tongue, fingernail, hand, eyebrow, scalp and symptom analysis along with the basics of Holistic Iridology (study of the iris). With the chapters “The hidden keys to weight loss,” “Holistic detoxification,” five chapters on the liver, the kidney expose’ “Pissy Moody Kidneys,” 36 healing recipes’ and 8 detox diets, anyone can correct their body problems once and for all. The book is literally the missing “Human Body Owner’s Manual,” that we should have been given at birth.

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